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Justin Édouard René LELONG
(Arrou, 1871 – 1933)


Wounded in desert

Oil on strong cardboard
Signed lower left
39,5 x 31 cm


Lelong was painter and designer of scenes and animated landscapes, figures, flowers, watercolor artist, illustrator and writer.

Pupil of Leon Bonnat, Charles and François BUSSON FLAMENG, he exhibited at the Salon of Paris from 1892 to 1901. He also exhibited at the Salon of French Artists, he is a member since 1898, having previously obtained a third class medal in 1895.

He was a painter of women, figures in landscapes, scenes of the racecourse. It was an important illustrator of activity among other Flammarion, Ollendorf, Fayard, Hachette, Nelson, L’Illustration …

He is part of the jury in 1925 for the Gustave Dore Grand Prize, alongside Georges Auriol, Carlègle Maxime DETHOMAS, Raymond ESCHOLIER, Abel Faivre, Renefer, Auguste ROUBILLE, Clement SERVEAU and René VINCENT.

Lelong was a professor at the Julian Academy from 1879 to 1891.

He had a studio in Montmartre


I - L, LELONG, NEW ACQUISITIONS, Orientalists, Paintings, Scene genre