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Jean-Baptiste Henri DURAND-BRAGER
(Dol, 1814 – Paris, 1879)


View of the Rocca San Nicola at Licata in Sicily

Oil on mahogany panel
Signed with initials lower left and located on the reverse
22 x 35 cm


First pupil of GUDIN, then he enters the studio of ISABEY after making several campaigns across Europe and Algeria, Senegal and Atlantic sides of Africa. In 1840, he was attached to the expedition to return to France the Napoleon’s ashes. He was awarded of the knight’s cross of the Legion of Honour in 1844 and became an officer in 1865. He returned to France in late 1843 and is responsible for the following years to two orders of state. Later he painted for the Czar of Russia and the Emperor of Austria (1886). He also published several albums on the navy.

He was the teacher of Charles Euphrasia KUWASSEG and Edouard ADAM.

He is buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery (31th division)


Museums: Bordeaux, Laval, Nantes and Versailles


This composition, painted from the beach, offers the island of Rocca San Nicola situated in the municipality of Licata in Sicily. The island, which is little more than a rock is separated from Sicily by 120 meters and encloses a strip of sea known for its beauty, clean, clear and rich in fishes. Human settlement traces dating back to the Greco-Roman antiquity are presents on the island, drawn into the rock. At the bottom of the strip of sea on the rocks, was installed a Madonna at the precise spot where were found the ancient remains stranded commercial vessels after searching a shelter during bad weather.

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